So maybe you have seen a friend post about using us? Maybe a celebrity has mentioned it online? It could be something you’ve known you always wanted to do post-birth.

You can find us on Instagram or via a Google search and you land on our site. It feels slightly confusing? What do I order? What is best for me? This blog is going to try and help you figure that out.

As placenta remedies are so amazing we can’t help adding to our range. Even though it is amazing that so many thing’s can be made from your placenta. It can also make it hard to choose your placenta encapsulation remedies.

I’m going to start with the basics first which is pills vs gummies. What are the differences between them and what each method has to offer. In terms of capsules, there are three choices which are: simple, steamed, or 50/50.

From our thousands of happy customers choosing placenta encapsulation, simple placenta pills are reported to be more energising, whereas steamed placenta pills are believed to be more calming and rebalancing. The 50/50 method is literally half and half of each method.

Placenta remedies in the form of gummies, are what we would call a combined remedy as they offer a balanced effect. Mums say they felt both energised and balanced from gummies. There is also a top-up tincture that comes with gummies. This is the same as our main placenta tincture just in a smaller bottle. It is called “top up” simply because you use it throughout the day to “top up” your levels. Placenta tincture can be added to any drink, or taken directly into the mouth, up to 5 times a day.

Hopefully, now that you have some understanding about each method, you then need to figure out what is best for you. So here’s some more information to help you decide. Capsules have a higher dosage of 6 pills a day for at least the first 10 days. We don’t recommend dropping below 4 a day. We don’t want any dip in mood or energy, so we advise sticking to at least 4 a day. We found that new mums would forget to take their pills and feel their energy levels dropping. From further feedback, it became apparent that some clients were struggling to take the volume of pills required. We then decided to look for an alternative that could deliver the same results. In came the gummies, well it wasn’t that easy, lots of development led up to this! With this method, it’s just 1-2 gummies a day. I would say only 1 is needed and then use a tincture to top up if needed throughout the day. Since introducing our gummies remedy, we have found a huge influx of mums opting for this method. I do also say if you struggle in any way swallowing or taking pills, gummies are the one for you. There is no placenta/meaty taste at all. In fact, there is a faint strawberry flavour which makes them pleasant to chew.

We find that the most popular form of capsules is 50/50 or simple. Steamed is the first-ever method for placenta encapsulation. With this method, I must point out you could lose up to 30% of the benefits from the steaming process. I also say tincture is an absolute must when buying your pills. Tincture is a liquid form of your pill’s but without an expiry date. It is a potent placental remedy and can support you even through menopause. Buying pills without tincture is like buying beautiful suede shoes without a spray protector. Unfortunately, pills run out and when that happens having your tincture is a godsend. We don’t advise taking tincture along side pill’s as we do with gummies. If you opt for placenta pills, we see the tincture as more of a follow on product for when pills run out. I hope this has helped you choose what method would suit you best. I will do a full breakdown of our cosmetic products for my next blog.

Hope you enjoy the remainder of your pregnancy and best wishes from,