As we know, placenta remedies have faced some criticism over the years. Maybe your mum gagged when you brought it up in conversation? Maybe your midwife hit you with “there’s no evidence it does anything!”

The truth is over the last 5 year’s placenta remedies have grown in popularity for many reasons, one of these being that lots of celebrities are talking about it. The fact that the practice and processing have changed too, has helped a lot. But the truth is that placentas have been used for many years in household products. Yes, you have just read that right! You see, hospitals used to sell placenta’s to cosmetic companies. After reading this please Google it, I’m not a mad woman making this up.

The reason for this is simple, the placenta is packed full of collagen and much more. The anti-aging and repair potential that can come from it cannot be matched in any man-made chemical. After human rights stepped in in early 2000 the use of the placenta was stopped. Many companies resorted to sheep and cattle placenta, but I think this stopped not long after.

As a placenta company, we want our mums and babies to get the best from their remedies. We have designed a beautiful range of natural skin care products with a twist. Placenta Plus can preserve your placenta in a bespoke oil. This is then added to our range of products for that extra boost. We figured that your body and your baby’s body would respond better to your own placenta.

In a quick rundown of product’s I will try and make it easier for you to choose what’s best for you.

Face cream is a luxurious natural moisturiser but when paired with bespoke placenta oil, it becomes a power couple. Many of our mums re-order face cream years after they have used our service. This is simply because you could not get this from any shop-bought face cream.

Our balm is my personal favourite from our cosmetics range. The reason being it is the perfect staple product for both mum and baby. It can be used on nappy rash, sore nipples, dry skin and so much more. Again when paired with bespoke oil this product is second to non. The fact it is all-natural ingredients gives you one less thing to worry about too.

Baby lotion is a product that can be used all day every day. Beautifully blended to ensure it is kind on babies’ skin. With just a few drops of bespoke oil, our baby lotion is the perfect foundation for your baby’s skincare routine.

Stretch mark butter has a beautiful citrus scent and is the perfect remedy for stretch mark care post-birth. Adding bespoke oil to stretch mark butter again gives it something you can’t buy off the shelf. When choosing a package it’s important to understand each product to ensure you get the most out of it.

I hope this little breakdown and background has helped you understand our products a little more, but if you do have any questions about any of our range, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Best wishes,