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Placenta encapsulation and Rochelle Humes

Hi there and welcome to the Placenta Plus website.

Having now worked with over 10,000 families, Placenta Plus is the UK’s leading placenta encapsulation company. Over the last five years, we have worked extremely hard to become the best in our field and we continue to develop our products and services for our clients, to keep us in this position.

Our stress-free approach has also been a hit with celebrity mums including, Rochelle Humes, Coleen Rooney, Amy Childs, Brooke Vincent, Charley Webb, and many more.  All have chosen Placenta Plus to support them over the years.

We are the UK’s only laboratory-based company, which means we do not operate from domestic/residential premises.  Our state-of-the-art labs enable us to provide the safest standard of service at all times, ensuring our products are consistently produced to an extremely high quality.

At around six weeks before your due date, we provide you with our state-of-the-art cooler pack, the only one of its kind in the UK and we can even deliver our packs to you, up to within 5 days of your due date or even closer if you’ve left it really late!

Once you’ve had your baby, we’re on call 24/7 365 days a year and your placenta is collected within a few hours of birth.  This is included in the cost of our service, as we believe it is your specialists’ responsibility to provide you with everything for birth at no extra cost.  However, there may be a courier fee depending on where you are based in the UK.

Our couriers are human tissue couriers, which means your placenta is transported in the safest way possible.  We want Mum to get the best possible start with her remedies so, due to cell deterioration, we would not leave your placenta more than 12 hours before starting the encapsulation process.  Please remember we collect around the clock and you would never be asked to take your placenta home with you or store at home for any amount of time (unless you have a home birth).

Once your placenta arrives at the lab it is processed and your products will be with you within 48-72 hours.

We have worked extremely hard over the last five years to become the UK’s best placenta encapsulation company. We provide a seamless, professional service for all our clients, and families, with the aim that they can relax and enjoy those early moments with their new-born.

Placenta Encapsulation during COVID-19

Now more than ever, it seems vitally important that we point out that we are the ONLY laboratory-based placenta encapsulation specialist in the UK.  Working to the highest levels of cleanliness, our team always wear masks and gloves, which are swapped between each process. All surfaces are sanitised between client jobs and detailed methods are followed to prevent cross-contamination, as standard. Do you really want your products created in an uncontrolled home environment, which is how many encapsulation companies work, especially during the current crisis?

Placenta Encapsulation at affordable prices!

Book now with a deposit as little as £50



Steamed Method of Placenta Encapsulation – £260

Simple Method of Placenta Encapsulation – £260

50/50 Steamed Method and Simple Method – £300

A placenta will yield anywhere between 90 – 250 capsules depending on the placenta.

Gummies – £300


Gummies with Tincture – £360 (approximately 60 gummies are produced)

Face Cream – £35 for 60ml or £70 for 120ml

Balm – £35 for 60ml or £70 for 120ml

Tincture – £75 • Stretch Mark Butter – £45 • Baby Lotion – £30

Framed umbilical cord keepsake – £40

There may be an additional courier charge for pick up of your placenta from your baby’s birth place and delivery of your capsules back to you typically within 72 hours of birth, depending on where you are in the UK.

Placenta encapsulation with Klarna
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We are delighted be launching the first phase of our all natural baby products, under our Bumps and Bloom brand. These are gentle skincare products that encourage sleep while taking care of your little one’s skin.


Placenta Plus have been endorsed by celebrity mums, including Coleen Rooney! Having heard of the benefits of placenta encapsulation from a friend who had used Placenta Plus, Coleen decided to try us herself.

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