Gemma Beveridge

So my magic pills have officially run out. I have never felt so fab, been complimented on how good I look – esp after having a baby! I can honestly say if I’m blessed enough to have another precious bundle (hubby is refusing at the mo) then getting my placenta pills will be the first thing I sort! Thank you for a great service xx

Hollie Robinson

Hiya i just wanted to say thank you for the pills iv been taking them for 6 days now and they have made me feel amazing I have got my size 8 belly back already & couldn’t be happier I have so much energy of them, I would definatly reccomend them to anyone who was pregnant xx

Sarah Hunter

Hi Danielle, just want to say how amazing these pills are! I gave birth just over a week ago and I’m back in my size 10 jeans and have so much energy! The balm I got is amazing too my little girl started getting nappy rash and it cleared it right up I’m dreading it running out! Thank you so much this is the best thing I’ve ever bought! xx

Joanne Collins

Hi Danielle, just wanted to give you a little update on how I have been getting on with my placenta pills! I’m on day 12 of taking them, and honestly feel so calm, relaxed, happy! Like I am enjoying every minute of being a mum if 2 now! I would say day 4 of taking them they seriously kicked in! I am doing night feeds with my eyes wide open, even still awake at midnight some nights cleaning around and getting things sorted for the next day! This was not the case with my first little boy… who is now nearly 4 and is also keeping me on my toes!
I can’t believe the difference, I’ve read so many of your reviews prior to taking my pills and seeing how many women say people comment on how well they look and it’s true!!! Family, friends, even strangers at the shops who can’t believe my baby was days old and I was out and about!
I’m all about things being as natural as possible and it doesn’t get more natural than my placenta pills to give me that boost I needed after labour, don’t want them to ever run out but I will always be so grateful for their magic! I don’t care if there is no scientific proof surrounding them…. nothing is more real than a mamas feedback! I love them and also love what you do! So thank you xxx

Laura Johns

Good morning Danielle, I have now finished my TCM batch of pills & I can honestly say they must contain magic. My energy levels are amazing, my stomach has almost shrunk back to normal, bleeding has massively reduced and most importantly my overall physical and mental wellbeing is so much better than it was after my first baby. I am looking forward to my batch of energising pills now. I am achieving more than the daily 3 F’s. The service you have provided has been remarkable, from meeting you at the open day, the messages in between to the delivery of my pills. I couldn’t believe it when my beautiful Margo arrived on 11/1 & then my pills followed on the morning of 13/1. I cannot fault anything, thank you so much!! Xxx

Gemma Prendergast

Hi Danielle, just seen your post on Instagram about not needing a nap and it is so true. I’ve been wondering how I am getting through the day with these sleepless nights and it’s got to be the placenta pills. My baby is 3 weeks old and I am so glad I made the decision to come to you and get my placenta encapsulated your service has been nothing but amazing from start to finish. I suffered with post natal depression after my little boy so was worried it could come back, this was a big reason why i wanted to try the placenta pills, and I can honestly say I am feeling on top of the world. So wanted to say Thank you so much for bringing this service to us mums. xxx

Nicole Graham

Hi Danielle 🙂 Been meaning to send you a little pic of my Penelope and say thanks again for the great service and amazing pills! After having emergency C Section I definitely needed the extra boost for recovery! Not sure if it coincides but my milk supply has also been amazing and my baby has gained a good amount of weight since being born.. no doubt the extra goodness has contributed and she is thriving.
Thanks again Nicola Graham xx

Nicole Blackwood

Awww Danielle thank you so much for my pills I’m so excited to start taking I can’t believe how quick from birth I received them amazing service from start to finish I’ll keep you updated love Nicole and Caleb xxxx

Natalie Burgess

Thank you so much for the amazingly efficient service I received with my pills Danielle, I’m so excited to feel the effects from them and so is Hugo! Lots of love Natalie xxx

Sarah Hallas

Hi Danielle, hope you’re well.  I’ve now been taking my placenta pills for 10 weeks and so happy to report I feel great. This is my third baby, but the first time I used placenta encapsulation.  After suffering terrible depression with my second baby I wanted to avoid having to take antidepressants, and after weeks of research and looking into how animals use their placenta I decided to go for it. I’m really not one for following trends or copying ‘celebs’ I made this choice after discussion with my GP as a way to tackle to my postnatal health.  I started taking my pills two days after giving birth taking two pills a day. My energy levels have been unprecedented and was back on the netball court at six weeks, my blood loss was minimal, back in my jeans in two weeks and as for my mental health I can honestly say I feel great even though I should be absolutely shattered. Ive has so many comments from people saying how well I look! still to this day I have not hit the baby blues. I know people are still sceptical about placenta encapsulation, but if anybody out there is still undecided I cannot recommend your services enough. Your service from start to finish was so efficient and completely stress free.
I can’t thank you enough

Jen Darby

Hi Danielle just wanted to thank you for my pills I felt the difference after 3 days. Everyone who’s coming to visit can’t believe I only had my baby 2 weeks ago. Il be recommending them to every new mum I know! Again thank you so much they really are magic pills xxx

Nadine Melling

Got my pills Tuesday so Day 3 an feel great!! baby boy no4 an already starting to get back into my daily routine with my other boys as well as breast feed an he’s not a week old yet so feeling like wonder woman!! A big thank u so much!! would definitely recommend.

Faye McDonnell

Hi Danielle, just wanted to thank you for the pills. They somehow helped me through a house move with a 2 week old and 2 year old wish id known about them with my first baby!! Thanks again, i will definitely be recommending them xx

Laura Bennett

Hi Danielle just wanted to send you a little message to say thank you and also how amazing I feel. Annie is 2 weeks old today and it doesn’t even feel like I’ve had a baby. I feel completely back to normal and have more energy than before I was pregnant. I was out shopping when she was 3 days old, I am literally amazed at the amount of energy I have and my mood, it couldn’t be more different from my 1st baby don’t think I left the house for 10 days destroyed with exhaustion and was so low. So thank you again so happy I found out about you and the amazing work you do, I have recommended you to all of my pregnant friends! Love Laura xx

Shannon Adams

Hi Danielle, I wanted to thank you so much for my placenta pills having two babies 13 months apart hasn’t been easy but having your placenta pills have gave me so much energy! I am finding it easier now with 2 baby’s than I ever did with 1 newborn. My sister is 16 weeks with her first baby and I will also be recommending she has her placenta made into pills. Thank you so much Xx

Jenna Louise Taylor

Hi Danielle just want to say thanks very much for the placenta plus pills! This is my third baby and the energy I have is unbelievable! I am breastfeeding so I’m up at least 3 times a night and I’m getting up like normal in the morning! Wish I got this done on my other pregnancies! Thanks again! Lots of love! Xxxx


My little boy is nearly 6 weeks now and have been taking the pills everyday and have noticed such a difference compared to when I had my other two children….I feel full of energy and strangely don’t feel tired! The pills have definitely helped in these last few weeks. Thank you so much, you do an amazing job and would definitely come back if I could convince the husband for baby 4!!! Lol

Jennifer Ashworth

Hi Danielle, it’s Jennifer ashworth, recieved my tincture this morning absolutely over the moon I didn’t even realise I had it in my package, then just read it takes 6 weeks to make. I’m so happy right now thank you very much this has made my day, the pills are amazing and I’m sure the tincture will be too, something I will treasure for a long time. Thanks again sweet xxxx