Why Do It?

With no specific research backing placenta encapsulation, answering, “what does it do?” can be tricky, so we like to hand this one to our mums.

“When my second baby was born there was no way I was letting that tired train hit me as hard as last time.

Placenta encapsulation wasn’t even on my radar with my first baby, but I was definitely up for giving Placenta Plus a go this time. I literally ran to my door when my placenta pills were delivered!

I was still sleepy, but nothing at all like I had been. It wasn’t just more energy. I felt calm, my hair didn’t seem to fall out as much and I didn’t feel the drag of post-natal recovery.

People buy loads of things when they have a baby, and honestly, these pills will be right at the top of my ‘need’ list next time.”

Many mums who have encapsulated their placenta report increased energy levels, reduced post birth bleeding, increased milk production, balanced mood with no baby blues, improved hair and skin and general overall quicker recovery.  For more reviews and Placenta Plus testimonials click here.