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Simple Method Placenta Pills – £225

The simple method is our most popular placenta pill method. Your placenta is prepared and then dehydrated directly from its simple state. Mums claim this method is the most energising. This method also yields a higher amount of placenta pills than any other method.

Steamed Method Placenta Pills – £225

The steamed method placenta pills are steamed before the dehydration process. Mums claim this method is more calming than the simple method. This method will yield around 20% less pills than the simple method.

50/50 Method – £260

50/50 method placenta pills is just that; half of your placenta will be prepared using the simple method and the other half will be steamed. This allows mums to experience the effects of both methods and manage how and when they use each type of placenta pill.

Gummies with Tincture – £325

Placenta Plus are the only placenta specialists able to provide placenta gummies. Developed by us, placenta gummies give those mums who struggle with taking pills the opportunity to utilise their placenta without the worry. Placenta gummies come with a 250ml top-up-tincture and are the perfect all rounder.

Balm – £35

This balm is a Placenta Plus all time favourite product! We love it and our mums love it. It’s the product we get asked about the most and the product that is re-ordered time and time again. This natural balm is a blend of the superstar apricot kernel oil, calendula oil and beeswax.

Face Cream – From £35

Our hair and skin are the first to be affected when are bodies are busy making a baby. Things change all the time! This natural face cream contains all the good stuff we need, in a simple formula which leaves your skin with an amazing glow.

Baby Massage Oil – £30

Keeping babies skin moisturised is a must. All of our products have been thoroughly researched and thought out, none more than our Baby Massage Oil.

Mama Oil – £65

We love our baby products, but sometimes Mum needs a little ‘me’ time. Our Mama Oil is the perfect blend Sweet Almond and Calendula Oil.

Placenta Oil – Included with cosmetics

All our cosmetics come with a 50ml bottle of oil. This is argan oil, which has been infused with your placenta.

Tincture – £75

“What is tincture?”

We must get this question 100 times a day. Essentially, tincture is an extract. Placenta tincture is made by steeping a small amount (usually around 10 pills worth) of your placenta in alcohol, for 8 weeks. The alcohol then takes on the nutritional and medicinal properties of the placenta. Fun fact: Vanilla extract is a tincture!

Framed Cord Keepsake – £40

Framed cord keepsake is the perfect way to preserve you baby’s cord. Please note due to the length of cord or the dehydration process. A keepsake may not be possible.

Package 1 – £270

A choice of simple method or steamed placenta pills with a 60ml balm, 60ml face cream and a baby massage oil.

Package 2 – £315

Choose simple method or steamed placenta pills and pick either a 60ml or a 60ml face cream. You’ll also get a 500ml placenta tincture and a framed cord keepsake.

Package 3 – £360

50/50 placenta pills (simple and steamed), a 500ml placenta tincture, 60ml balm and 60ml face cream as well as framed cord keepsake.

Package 4 – £410

Strawberry flavoured gummies and a 300ml top-up-tincture as well as a 500ml placenta tincture, 60ml face cream and 60ml balm. Fast becoming our most popular package!

Package 5 – £540

50/50 placenta pills (simple and steamed) with a 500ml placenta tincture, 120ml balm and 120ml face cream as well as mama oil, baby massage oil and a framed cord keepsake.