Our cooler pack (the box you take to the hospital) is second to none.  We carried out extensive research to ensure your placenta cooler pack was the right dimensions to keep your placenta at the right temperature for the longest time.  Our Placenta Collection Pack will cool and keep your placenta at the optimum temperature for up to 48 hours.  That said, we would NEVER advise leaving it for that long.  We collect your placenta within 4 hours of birth, no matter what time of day it is.  Placenta Plus encapsulation specialists are on call 24 hours a day to ensure only the highest possible standards are reached.

Your Placenta Collection Pack is sent out to you between 34 and 36 weeks before your due date but if you think you will need it earlier, just let us know.  All the information you need to ensure the safe storage of your placenta is in the leaflet inside, as well as the Placenta Collection Statement, which is completed by you and your midwife.

Each Placenta Collection Pack also contains a silver cooler bag and ice packs.  We ask that the ice packs be kept in your freezer until you leave for the hospital.  In the event of a long birth we will arrive quickly, with ice, to make sure the process can still go ahead.

Our Placenta Collection Pack is inclusive of the price you pay for your placenta pills and products.  It is our job to ensure you have everything you need to store your placenta safely and as such, we would never ask you to pay extra to use our products.  Our service is unrivalled and we don’t compromise.