The Pills

We have 4 variations of pills: simple, steamed, 50/50 (simple/steamed) and gummies.

The basic principles of all placenta pills are the same, however, they excel in different areas.  The simple pills are said to be more energising, steamed more calming and the gummies, the perfect all rounder for those who struggle with taking capsules.

More Than Pills

Your placenta can also add an extra boost to your cosmetics.

New skin can be difficult to care for but our range of cosmetics are hand made with the most natural ingredients to ensure the best for both Baby and Mum.

From our apricot kernel oil balm and baby massage oils to our no nonsense face cream and mam oil, our skin products are the perfect partners for your placenta pills and often become skin care staples.

All our cosmetics come with a 50ml bottle of oil.  This is argan oil, which has been infused with your placenta.  This is liquid gold for your cosmetics!  Add a few drops of this each time you use your cosmetics (or any of your existing cosmetics) for an extra boost.