A liquid remedy for when your pills run out.


“What is tincture?”

We must get this question 100 times a day.  Essentially, tincture is an extract.  Our 350ml placenta tincture is made by steeping a small amount (usually around 10 pills worth) of your placenta in alcohol.  The alcohol then takes on the nutritional and medicinal properties of the placenta.  Fun fact: Vanilla extract is a tincture!

It’s always best to get your vitamins and minerals and from food but where hormones are concerned, it can be easier said than done!  The way our bodies work mean we can suffer, quite quickly and often unpredictably, from dips and spikes in our hormone levels.  Tinctures are a quick and convenient way to try to balance out those dips.  Also, tinctures are potent.  You only need a few drops of tincture and as the body easily digests them, they are said to be even more effective than the traditional pill.

Although it is rare that you could drag your pills out that long, the life span of your placenta pill is 12 months.  This is where tincture steps in as our every day hero!  A tincture doesn’t have a shelf life.  Your placenta tincture will last forever, meaning you can be sure that, come menopause, you will have your hero product to help with the dip in hormones and see you through that period.  Your placenta tincture can also be used to balance out that monthly dip/spike in hormones too.

When we are asked which products we advise, we always say tincture.  This is simply because of the number of emails we get from new mums saying they wish they had!  If you don’t decide to get a tincture, and then change your mind, as long as you have 10 pills left (and it’s within 12 months of your pills being made) you can send them back to us and we can make you one!


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