A smooth, handmade balm to soothe brand new skin.



This balm is a Placenta Plus all time favourite product!  We love it and our mums love it.  It’s the product we get asked about the most and the product that is re-ordered time and time again.  This natural balm is a blend of the superstar apricot kernel oil, calendula oil and beeswax.

Beeswax is known for it’s healing properties.  The anti-inflammatory effects of beeswax encourage healing of wounds and the protective nature forms a barrier on the skin without clogging pores.   With high levels of vitamin A supporting cell reconstruction, our balm is prefect for new skin!

The combination of beeswax and apricot kernel oil make a superior moisturising duo.  With apricot kernel oil maintaining the softness, suppleness and the natural radiance of skin, beeswax holds onto moisture to reduce dryness while attracting water to keep the skin hydrated and soft.  The bacteria fighting combination of calendula oil and beeswax keeps skin clean and reduces the risk of contamination, meaning this balm is the nappy-rash-fighting ruler of the world!

Feedback from our mums is vital to the development of our products and the one thing we always hear is the positive effect our balm has on those babies suffering with eczema.  Apricot kernel and calendula oil, alongside beeswax, were all chosen for their moisturising properties, but it’s the hypoallergenic strength of beeswax that helps conditions like eczema.  Our balm also helps to sooth sore areas, treat the itch and prevent further drying.

On paper, it’s easy to see why we can’t make this balm quick enough!

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