Firstly let me start by introducing myself my name is Danielle Kinney mum of three from Liverpool. This is my very first blog and for some reason I’ve been a little nervous about it. I’m going to start with just how I started doing what I’m doing and what drives me to do it.

Five years ago I suffered from severe postnatal depression, after the birth of my second daughter Tess. I was not diagnosed until she was ten months old and by this time I had nearly ruined my marriage and also friendships. I remember clearly my GP saying the words ‘ you have postnatal depression’  and i remember how my heart sank. I stormed out of his office in a rage of so many different emotions but yet so many questions.

After one whole week had past I returned to the same GP only to admit defeat, at least that was how it felt. I was put on antidepressants which I had mixed feelings about. Once the words ‘postnatal depression’ had hit the air the relief I felt was unbelievable. You see for ten months my  family and friends had been walking on egg shells around me. My husband would tell me all the time ” you’ve gone mad” and at times that was how I would feel, but then at times I felt like it was everyone else who had gone mad. After 18 months on antidepressants I felt back to myself everything was fixed, but then came the weaning process. There was a lot of anxiety in this period and I most definitely realised this was a strong chemical my body had became reliant on.

Three years past and I find myself pregnant again, postnatal did not enter my head. At 28 weeks my GP mentions I would need to start antidepressants at 34 week, I was not happy about this as I don’t even drink coffee in pregnancy but thats a whole new blog. I rushed home deflated and done what we all do, I took to the internet. Straight away placenta encapsulation came up, I was intrigued so I spent weeks researching it. The day of my midwife appointment came so I thought why not ask a professionals opinion. To my surprise both my GP and midwife agreed to let me try it and at six weeks postnatal assess my mood. I left happy just to find a specialist now, this was going to be hard. You see I have OCD major and I just wasn’t happy that all these specialist do it in their homes.

So after a lot of thought I decided I would do it myself I would learn how to do it and I would encapsulate it myself. My husband thought I was mad but after speaking to a couple of specialist I just found a few grey areas with one telling me she has to pop it in the fridge until she finishes work. After bringing baby Harry home and my placenta I literally set to work. I was so desperate for this to work I can’t really remember how I felt seeing my placenta I can just remember the dread of postnatal depression and how I would do anything not to get it again.

Once my pills where done and complete I started taking them 2 three times a day with each meal. I remember the first day not feeling any different but as time went on I felt amazing. I think baby Harry had to be the hardest baby, he would just not sleep and then there was reflux. After six weeks my GP gave me the once over and was happy with my mood I have had three more checks to date and they still can’t believe I haven’t even had a melt down.

After talking to my pregnant friend about my experience she told me she wanted to do the encapsulation. I told her I would help her find a specialist but she insisted that she wanted me to do it. I encapsulated her placenta and she then shared her experience and before I knew it Placenta Plus was born.

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